Marty the Toon Camel.Project over, Download Model Soon...

Ive been working on this little Camel(started out from the urge to model a little Camel from a nativity). Hes coming along well, no major topo problems…yet. Itll be a new sort of eye set up(uni-eyelid/brow) so that should be…new.
All C&C welcome, thanks for looking!


looks like a camel though!LOL!it still nice though very toony like!

huh, ma bad, I meant camel… :stuck_out_tongue:
‘they call this feeling embarrasment’

I like him, he has very cleaver face :slight_smile:

I think the legs are too big.

His legs are a little over-fattened in the leg area, that was purposeful. Thanks for the crits tho…

haha you wrote donkey at first.Nice camel anywayz mayn!

sshhh, did not. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

LOL ill edit it if u want.

nah, it doesnt really matter.
Anyway, back to my camel

hahahaa… lol, not bad :smiley:

Alright, Hes all done, heres a pose shot. Im still working out how to animate him. Four legs are harder than I figured. At least, getting natural movement is…
Anyway, thanks for looking, C&C welcome…


take off the blur, it ruins the shot.

I kinda like that crazy guy.

How dare you…
I cant anyway, It was a one time, no save thing…
but thanks, oh hater of blur. That kind of effect(if maybe not so strong) will be prominently used in a short I have in the works for this guy. Kind of an everpresent dream effect…
Im working on the texturing today, Ill post it later…
And thanks Blackboe.

I like the blurr, but the lightning does need some work in that shot, one of the eyes looks a bit to dark.
Dident camels used to have two lumps? anyway looks grood it has a nice character to it! keep it up

I agree, the blur messes with the quality of the render.

It’s still a good character… Is there going to be any texturing?

@red_xiii: Thanks! The lighting was a quick job. And the eyes don have a material yet, so theyll look better…(and there are one hump camels!)
@Alden: thanks, the blur was a tad strong. The texturing is being finished up(or at least becoming acceptable) right now. Ill post a textured version later…

Alright, hes done.
I made a little fur texture, that doubles as an extremely subtle bump map
I worked out the eyes, settled with a fleshy-er material, as compared to shiny
I did a fast little bit of UV mapping for the neck, note the barely noticable patch of lighter fur
I added a darker bit for he ears, and nostrils
Mostly rig related issues
fixed a few vertex groups that were
A: overlapping
B: attached to the wrong bone:rolleyes:

And a couple of bones that were:
A:children of the incorrect bones
B:not working to well as far as IK
C:didnt have enough segments, making for very harsh mesh deformation

Alrighty, thats the rundown. Ive attached a posed shot(yes, with color correction, and blur) and a poseless persp shot with no comping


Oh, and just putting this out there…
Do people think I should keep the textured version, or stay with the untextured one…
gotta admit, I kind of like that bluish hue…

Nothing? Anybody?
Ah well, Im working on the animation right now, kind of a pain. Ill probably post it tommorrow…