Marvel Style Comic book Hero

Im new to Blender and this forum so this is my first post :slight_smile:

Was looking through the recent posts and the cell shading renders realy caught my eye so i thought i would give it a go, but instead of the current trend “Anime” i thought i would try and emulat the amarican style comic books.

anyways this is my first ever charicter that i have modeled so bare with me if i have mad some glareing mistakes LOL

But What i am most concerned about at the moment is “loops” i have been reading up and you have to have them to animate i think? do mine work/will they work. and triangles are bad aparently so i dont have any but can some one tell me why?:confused:

And the body:

Any sugestions would be helpfull about the mesh and the render style plz thankyou.:slight_smile:

Next im gona have to try rig her and thats a nother thing i have never done, so it will be interesting to say the least:eek:

Very good first model :slight_smile:
You are reborn 3D modeler!
The torso has very good edge loops, but the back need some flatenning (it looks like male chest now). Also the arms needs more definition and anatomy corrections (biceps doesn’t look like that). The ears need slight correction too.
Put a mask on her face and she may become Blendergirl:wink:

Looks awesome, have you used other 3d programs in the past?
I’m working on my first human model too right now and my loops aren’t half as good as that.

Mostly loops are for selection and smoothing purposes. It makes selection easier and smoothing is more beautiful.

Did you make the model from scratch or is it something you downloaded and tweaked?

Thanks for the help will work on them when i get back from work “lunch brake :)”

I will slim the back down a bit but not to much i still want her to retain a muscle structer like you find in the comics ie

is the type of body structure i am after.

Yes the mesh is all mine done from scratch although i did read every tut on the web as i did it LOL, for refrence i used a comic charicter i draw aswell as a 3 view refrence from a comic book guide “Drawring cutting edge comics”

I was originally trained in autocad 14 when i was about 15 but started learning Ampi 3d in my free time then started 3DS Max/Inventor when i was about 16/17 at a night class after about six months i finnished my A levels and went to collage where i studied “Information Illustration” at Blackpool “yes Blackpool has a uni campass LOL” there i learned FormZ and Lightwave although not much :frowning: i now have finished uni and have been at my current job for about 18 months where we use FormZ and Lightwave. i recently started to use blender as i was thinking about doing some free lance work on the side in my spare time and wanted to save money :slight_smile:

at work i mainly do 3d models of car parts engine parts boiler parts pump parts and some times if i am really lucky we do sewage pipes :slight_smile:

Hey mate.

I have been working with FormZ and Lightwave too… it’s very different from Blender, atleast FormZ is since it is mainly an architectural (solid) 3D program. I hope you enjoy Blender and all features that an organic 3D program has to offer.

I applied my knowledge about rendering from Lightwave onto Blender without any problems at all, Blender internal engine doesn’t do shiny metal or glass as easy as Lightwave but with some practise allmost everything can be faked.

Also, if you are used to the Fprime plugin I haven’t seen anything like it on Blender yet.

Btw, I think the model looks very good modelingvise but I can’t say I am a fan of american comic style though. But if you are aiming for an american comic style I would choose Phantom…

Your edge loops are fine, very nice in fact. One thing that strikes me as being somehow off is the mouth…I think maybe the corners need to move back into the face a bit. I’m not sure that’s it though, it’s kind of hard to put my finger on, but it somehow looks pasted on. Very nice model.

BlenderGirl LOL
i like it what do you think of this “only a joke :)”

Just a suggestion, try the toon shaders at size 1, ref 1.0 with AO. ussually gives a nice comic book style shade to it.

I was sure you’ll like the idea. It’s a good start. There are too much of blender “signs”
A chest stamp would be better:

K got an Update on my charicter for you to see sorry about the long wait have been bussy at work.

have reworked the mesh of the face to exstend the loops around the mouth and fill out the cheeks to give a cute look to her aswell as added detail to the brow to incliude loops for the eye brows for better animation.

Added teath and proper hair instead of just a crewcut LOL:

I am in the middle of changing the proportions to reduce her age a bit to say 17/18 years so might slime her hips a bit more still but breast are about the right size now i think

I am also working on a rig its not very complicated or compleate yet but i should be able to do a walk cycle soon fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Very cool! I am definitely getting sick of the toon shader being over-used with anime stuff; nice to see something new for a change. I think she looked better when she was older, though. The rig looks pretty good so far.

You might be interested in my Marvel/Incredibles-inspired superhero project:

wow. nice. the body is almost perfectly modeled. it looks feminine. that’s the key to modeling, that’s for sure.