Marvel vs. DC

Just wanted to c whats ur favorite comics company

Neither. Tough luck. :slight_smile:

I have to go whit DC, as my favourite comic book hero comes from there, him being the Batman of course. I have never been a keen fan of Marvel’s mutant hero league, though I have to admit that Wolverine has always interested me.

Hmm, that depends on the era we’re talking about I guess. Good poll and I will add my vote after careful consideration and a little <ahem> research of my back catalogue.

DC all the way

When I was younger, I loved the attitude of Marvel… as I’m getting a little older, I’m coming to appreciate the maturity of DC’s titles. As far as art style… I"ve always been a Kubrik fan… Kingdom Come’s art has me thinking twice though… as does alot of the Noir stuff DC is good at.

Marvel, I’ve never been interested in any of DC’s titles, mainly because I am a big Spidey fan, and all the enemies and allies he interacts with. The Punisher is cool too… Batman doesn’t interest me, except for the movies Batman Begins and The Dark Night; those were really great films.

whoever published Preacher, Constantine, Watchmen, Sandman and The Darkness…oh wait, was that Image?

That is so right. Somehow I can understand known artists working on those Marvel supersoaps, if the pay is competitive. (I guess it must be, MacFarlane established Image from his spidey-money…)