Marvel Wasp (Blend file available!)

Hello all!

This is Kotobukiya bishojo version of Marvel Wasp. It’s rendered using GLSL viewport. I actually have posted this on my sketchbook but this one is really the final version. The change since sketchbook version is I added fake SSS and DOF. I have post timelapse and blend file too if you want to know how I made this.

Blend file:


GLSL viewport render:

Matcap render:

I think it’s really cool and well done. That’s all! :smiley:

Also thanks for posting the process, that’s always very appreciated.

Your workflow is great and results also. Thanks for posting it here.

I’ll tell you what I love, it has great proportions, hot but not unrealisticly thin. Looks amazing.

That’s Fascinating! I would have to study this model.

You give this away for free? You 're the best! Lots of thanks. :slight_smile:

Very educational.

Nice job.

Cute character ! Thank you for the workflow and the file ! :slight_smile: