marvelous designer blender workflow for Sims 4 game

Hi can you tell me why my body mesh is coming out with the UV colors on it?


This should probably be in Support/Materials and Textures instead of Artwork/WIP.

I’m not an expert with uv wrapping and similar matters, but you do have your viewport shading set to texture, so shouldn’t your mesh display whatever texture is applied, which in this scenario is probably the picture on the right?

Yes I understand let me try it another way. Thank you for your prompt response.

Maybe a moderator can move the thread for you. But to answer your question, like The Omnilord said, the colors are from the texture you have applied. They are a map representing the different UV parts of the sim’s body and clothing accessories.

@cnmmoney thank you for your reply. I have another question if you don’t mind. Have you ever done any meshing tutorials for a game such as Sims 4

Yes. I’m cmomoney on modthesims website. Although my tutorials were for sims 3. I stopped creating when sims 4 was released.

@cmmoney I am extremely new to Blender as well as playing Sims 4. I am trying so hard to find a good meshing tutorial and I am now hitting my head against a wall because everyone seems to mesh differently for Sims 4 there are only a couple of steps that remain the same. I just want to know how to get it in-game after you mesh, append and join your mesh to the rig, and the last but not least uv map the darn thig to work in-game perfectly. If I could just get the steps together I would really be winning today.