Marvels Rhino

Marvels Rhino
Sculpted, retopologized, textured in 3dcoat. Rigged, rendered in Blender(Cycles).

great model! one of my favorite super-villians.

Now that’s some thigh muscles!

the rhino was kind of like juggernaut of the X-Men. he had a charging attack, and was one of the few super villians who could go toe to toe with the hulk.

wow, very good! 3dcoat is a very good program!

Thanks for the comments everyone. Tree trunks for legs. I did adjust his pose so that it was a little more aggressive and increase some of his specularity due to some comments in another forum.

:yes: sensational.

uh… rhinoman ! super modeling !

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

Wow, … just wow!

It is indeed, marvelous :wink:

Thanks again for the comments. Happy to see people are liking it.