marvin (update: more details 6.3.03)

the details update is in the next page!

marvin in the works…



It looks more sad than paranoid :slight_smile:


uber-delicious lighting & rendering

I have trouble understanding the kind of geometry on his face - I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be shaped like

the face sucks. that’s why he is on “wip” forum …
but I just can’t put my finger to it why it’s not good… maybe it’s trying to be too organic… or maybe it’s looking too scary… mask like… i dunno. I have to try other designs… perhaps…


Very cool. Like the design lighting modeling ect. On the face, perhaps move the eyes nose and mouth up on the head just a bit, that may help the design a bit. Well Done.

I assume this is before the trip to the sun on Hotblack Desiato’s black stunt ship and before he got his leg stolen by the Krikkit robots?

Looks good so far, but I agree about the face. The very last pic on the right looks like he has almost a wooden skin and not metal. It may just be the lighting, but it looks less shiny than the others.

Looks very good. I have to agree about the non-metallic looking texture tho…
I have to ask, is this yafray or blender?-)

hmmm… these models are going to be used in quite small scale, so I am not paying too much attention on the texturing… these renderings here, are just “bonus” stuff… :slight_smile:

they are rendered in blender. I am takin a little break in yafray, it’s so slow and weird. heh.

update (trying another head):


I like the second one better. It has soo much more character in my opinion. I think the red bulb eyes are a nice touch.

i’s stretch him out a little, standing all day with bent knees is hard. give his legs a little more of a pose

Much better facial expression. He looks worried now.

I agree with GFX about the pose. I think that a really paranoid character would possibly have their feet more than shoulder width apart - they’re ready to bolt and run at the slightest provocation. You can’t do that when you’re standing there holding in your pee like Marvin is.

Very very nice model, though, and I don’t get your disclaimer about the texturing. It’s fine.

Nice to see someone else still using the Blender renderer to produce excellent results. Your renders are up there with the Yafray hooha that’s going on right now.

/me likes 2nd better too :slight_smile:


New head looks great :D…but keep the old one too…it has a kinda sadness in it :smiley:

2nd one is MUCH better. looks much more melancholic and human, if you like. the facial expression is much more believable because of increased realism. good job! oh and about yaf, i know what you mean. but you just have to learn the xml and your off! thats what i did, and now im coding the shaders myself! its really simple, believe me! :Z

i would really like to see him animated :wink:

looking excellent. Is an animation forthcoming?

does he walk or roll?

Wow, you really improved that head quite a bit, it definatly has a better emotional expression now!!!
Along with the update, however, i think the better quality head makes the hip peice and torso look a little too plain. The hollow spot in his chest feels a little too empty, possibly could use something mechanical or motherboardy looking there.
But i definatly dont want you to think im saying its not any good, quite the opposite, you did an awesome job and could even tweek it a bit more with detials that would make it look phenomenal!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

With pop out wheels from under the feet, it would be cool if he could do both.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

i think I like the second one, the one with the glowing red eyes better. The facial expression of the first one was dort of sad/angry. the seond one looks very confused or frustrated.
i think the first one looked so odd wsa because the eyes were so low on the head. most of the face was a wall of fore head!
I can’t wait to see more!

Nice stuff basse! I really like this. The second head is definitley better.