The depressed Robot from Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.


Going to being modeling the neck soon… but first I want advice on the head.

And also, It does not smooth correctly, so dont ask.

I love robots, and this one looks like it’ll be pretty cool.

As far as the smoothing, I think I probably had the same problem, and I had the edge split modifier recommended to me. I’m not sure what it is, because I didn’t look it up, because I needed subsurf up high enough anyway, but it might be worth looking into.

I love the Hitchhikers Guide through Galaxy, But this is one of those books you absolutely
can not make a movie from! Both movies suck IMHO :frowning:

but nice start for the model. You are going for the newer movie-Marvin, well, reading the book,
he does not look like the first or second movie-Marvin :smiley: