Marvin's Button

I’ve only done a couple pixel animations before, and so far this one has to be my best. It was inspired by the song of the same name.
Some day I will tackle 3D animation using my favorite open source 3D program (after I’m satisfied with the models I’ve made for such animation), and I don’t expect this to be my last 2D one.

Anyway, he tried a few switches at random and suddenly.

“Does not compute,” he thought miserably, but at least he knew where to find it in his databank. From then on he could play it whenever he wanted, think about what he’d missed, and live miserably ever after…

Hey, that’s cool! :yes: You should check out the flash animation I did several years ago. C3PO meets Marvin.

Nice pixel animation. What package did you make it with?

@Roofoo: That was brilliant!

That was great! It had me laughing the entire way through… depressing, isn’t it?

ASEPRITE. It’s a great open source tool which is totally fun to use.

Thanks guys! And that program looks interesting, Phaser Rave. It reminds me a lot of the old PC Paintbrush program for DOS. :stuck_out_tongue: