my second work on this forum, waiting for comments :wink:

Fantastic! The shoulders look a bit unfinished perhaps? (Maybe that’s just me) But otherwise… amazing!

very realistic. I smell gallery…5 stars!

Amazing work!!!
the eyes seem like a little flat but five stars work!:yes::yes::yes:
Ciao :smiley:

kwiq, this is beautiful and amazing work.

If you’re open to suggestions, I was thinking this could benefit from a boost in contrast (and then one necessarily in brightness: e.g. Brightness +5 and Contrast + 10).

Also, I think this piece could, if you wanted it, engage the viewer even more dramatically by directing the eyes straight to the camera.

A little dot of specularity in the eyes could also help make them seem more alive I have found.

I have enclosed an example with this message to help visualize what I was trying to say here.

The piece is excellent as it is (5 stars from me), but I just thought I’d mention some constructive thoughts that occurred to me as I regarded this piece.

I look forward to seeing more work from you!

Take care,



Amazing! You’ve got 5 stars with me.

I’m going to have to agree with the others on the eyes. They look too dark- it’s as though light isn’t passing through the cornea.

How did you achieve the SSS effect on his ear?

Excellent!! How long did it take you?

This is really good, yeah, but the eyes are off. All the rest of the face is perfect, but the shape and mat on the eyes look really odd.

Still though, great job.

Great, just great kwiq! Five stars from me!

seems like you lost some detail from your WIP, but still awesome none the less, 4 stars!

Wow, great work, just the only thing is, the shoulders seem to point in a V and give the apperance that the body is too skinny for the shoulders, even though you can’t see the body. Great work though :)!
Five stars…

Excellent work! I saw it in the WIP stages a while ago, and it’s great to see it as a finished project. 5 stars:yes:

woah! amazing detail!
5 stars from me

Where’s the wip thread? Cause the wip thread I was thinking of is made by Peng You.

While this is is good, but it’s not more than 3.6 star from me.

His skin shading is way of. No sss. His eyes looks dead. No specularity. His shoulders???

The upper jewlery on his forehead goes in his skin.

The pose need work. Cause there isnt any. Zombie like. Strange dof.

very nice… little bit different topic than whats usually on these forums. i like that.

robertt: hmm… i don’t agree here actually… your version is totally different in mood than the original… where original was calm and sort of dreamy sad… yours is more like mad warrior.


thanks for call for comments
yes , i know that eyes doest look excellent…
thanks RobertT for advices , i am sure that i use it in my future works
sss effect on ear is make in blnder and gimp - so you must put a your head model on new layer , make a toon specular for object and sets a spec , size and smooth on max. next put a red spot light behind the head and change background color on black.then this render must paste in gimp in a new layer on your normal head model. then you change a method to lighted and change the opacity to 50 -60 %.
and the most important think : WIP o this forum is doesn’t main :wink:

Its very nice… but still needs a little bit of tweaking in the eye area…

:smiley: Did I miss something about the international “model an old masai” day in the news? (

Now, joking apart :stuck_out_tongue:

There is something in the eyes… Not enough wetness I guess. That’s the first thing that goes through my mind. Although the ears look fleshy, the rest of the face leaves a waxy impression :slight_smile:

Wonder if the shoulder are a tad broad and square for an old man…

I agree that you lost some of the detail from your WIP. The eyes look to be over-sculpted and very pinched now.

Great skin shader though. Really came out nice.


Hey, people, I think you’re all thinking about the WIP as Peng You’s WIP. I never saw a WIP for this one.