Mascot game!

Hello I had a idea just now to make a rally game with different country mascots in it. Each team member that joins would design his own kart and mascot that is going to represent his or her country.

For example the mascot of australia is of course the kangoroo. The mascot of china is the panda. The mascot of canada could be the brown bear. I already started working on a kart that would represent my country sweden.
It’s not finished yet, I’m going to tweak it now and then it needs to be textured. I thought i would have the moose as the mascot for sweden, it’s the only mascot i can think of.

So anyone who would like to join the development team and create their own kart/mascot? When they are all finished we could go on and create our own levels that would represent our country.

My kart is just above 1000 faces. And I think that is a good poly limit.

Mascot: 500-700 quads
kart: 1000 quads

We could probably create the game in blender 2.5. Rally games aren’t so hard, we just have to make the controls for the kart and create nice levels and obstacles. It has to be single player I think, it would make things easier. How many characters you can choose will depend on how many people that joins and creates their own mascot.

So anyone who is interested? :smiley:

looks interesting but i don’t get one thing: what you mean with mascotte how are you gonna use them? (maybe a dumb question but i just don’t understand)

PS: the mascotte for belgium would be the lion (well actually for flanders (belongs to belgium), the flanders’ lion XD)

the mascot would be sitting in the vechile. So no one is interested :stuck_out_tongue: typical…

I’m from the U.S. So my mascot is, like, Ronald McDonald, right?

I’ll make an Uncle Sam model (or an eagle, whatever), but only if my country’s kart has unnecessarily huge tires, spews smog all over the track, and gets poor gas mileage.

Ohh cool, so you wanna make this game then? :smiley:

Yeah it’s either ronald mcdonald or maybe George bush? LOL…or no I got a better one. Jesus…:wink: and yeah you are famous for your big cars. You could create one of those mini trucks. Whatever they are called…

Anyway I’m having a hard time figuring out if that post was ironic or not. If you are serious we need some type of communication, msn, steam or anything else?

Our country’s mascot has been Uncle Sam for decades, he’s been in thousands of political cartoons depicting issues in our country since the 1940’s. Heck the popular name for the US government is Uncle Sam.

The other symbol of the US is the bald eagle but it’s not used as much in illustration.

Have a bald eagle dressed as Uncle Sam.

You have an awkward quad on the hood of your kart, might want to convert that to triangles.

Ahahahahhah you are actually my favourite american :slight_smile:

Ok since you are going for a cartoony funny character. I thnk I’m gonna go with one too. What bout the swedish chef sitting in one of these milk cars.

Ok work in progress milk van.

Please have Terrence and Philip driving your kart.

Sure :wink:
or maybe a polar bear or moose :slight_smile:

canada is famous for one thing…the bald farting guys. And sarah palin…now here I started on the swedish chef. Nvm if it doesn’t look awesome, this is ps1 graphic style. And he will be sitting in a small car that you hardly will see…

Ok, I worked on the chef but turning a doll into a nice 3D character isn’t a good idea. It doesn’t look good whatever you do. So I will have to choose another character. I’ll keep the milk van though. Started to unwrap it, will take a break since unwrapping is so boring :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, so true. I might make a Canadian one, if so i will make the mascot a beaver.
(If you were Canadian you would know this for sure)

are you guys serious? Or are you just joking around?:eek:

hi, looks interesting! i think i’ts a good idea with one car per country, if you still are working on the project i’ll like to join you :slight_smile:
i’m from Denmark myself, i’m trying to figure out what the Danish maskot should look like:yes:

oh ok cool, I think I’m gonna start over on the vechile again since the swedish chef didn’t work out. For denmark…hmmm…I KNOW.

Nils holgersson the maybe not so famous character from denmark. We in sweden know all about him though.,%20kort%2082%2062,%201962.jpg

You can’t pick a more danish character than that :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea (and I like rally racing) so I can’t wait to see more!