Mascot project

Hi this is the first time i’ve posted a piece of work in this area, im working
on a mascot picture for a friend of mine and would appreciate any help
i can get, i want to add some short fur and some areas of longer fur from the jaw and cheek area of the beaver, i am using a mirror modifier
on the model and i no i have to get the beaver to where im complete in the modeling stage before i turn it into a new mesh before so the particles
will be on both sides of the mesh but, is there a way to have handles on particles so i can extrude them or move them along the x,y,z and how can i make the fur really dence?

Thanks, any information or feed back would be great

Jester :cool:

Looks funny! Could you post some wires? Also, what do you want to get out of doing this? What is it for?

Sorry, I have never played with the particles in blender, so I can’t help you there.