(MascotCapsule) BacTra Exporter Ver.Beta Release

Exporter plug-in for Bac/Tra files
The Bac/Tra format is common to versions of MascotCapsule, 3D rendering
engine released by HI CORPORATION. MascotCapsule is a de facto standard 3D
engine for cellular phone handsets.
Supported versions are as follows:
Blender: 2.41
MascotCapsuleV3 (Bac6/Tra4)
The Bac/Tra files can become operable by being converted into Mbac/Mtra,
data formats dedicated for each platform. For development tools such as
converters, and information regarding MascotCapsule, please visit the
following URL:

We have released the β version BacTra Exporter for Blender.
The licensing system of this plugin shall be based on GPL (General Public
License) and modifications and redistribution can be made freely without any
restrictions and notification to HI.
The development schedule for versions following β is yet to be determined.
We appreciate your understanding.

This is brilliant news! Will have to try this out later.