Hey guys, I just wanted to show how blender really capable of creating awesome stuff :smiley:

Took around 3 days… just did this while i had free time in my office :stuck_out_tongue:

Constructive criticism is welcome! Thanks.

Really good work! I’d love to see it with some more light, but already like it is it’s wonderful. Congratulations!

Yeah i noticed that too- i’m bad at lighting up the scene but here’s another try! :smiley:

Really, really good; look great.


Light’s a tricky customer and one can never be sure how it’s going to react with it’s surrounds, especially when dealing with highly reflective materials.

  1. Looks like a small indentation like a weird reflection, or maybe topology? (Possible a stone chip hit it when you were driving it fast - hand break turns are a bish /nod )
  2. The lines look wrong on the light reflections; it seems to bend or curve more that I would expect it to. Possible topology?

Would be curious to see a wireframe. :smiley:

nice work!

Hey thanks for your comments you guys! Writers Block:- Thanks for your feedback! well found out that dent like geomatry was just a reflection in my hdr- nothing wrong with my topology anyways- although it needs some clean ups here and there.


The thing that I suggest on the car door topology, is to make as much horizontal loop cuts as it is on the front, and match those loop cuts together. This way, I imagine, would fix the not maching reflection thingy.
But still, apaparts from that, the model looks really cool. Though, I’d like to see some GI on this one.

This time i’ve used cycles… oh man lighting never being easier :slight_smile:

Thanks for your critics people.

Yeh cycles is good. :slight_smile:

Looks great; I’d still balance out the topology a little on the doors in relation to the surrounding top as FreeMind said. You wireframe on the door shows them out of alignment. Could fix it for this, or decide it’s time to move on to your next project and consider it for next one.

The wheel mats look a little odd. Maybe use a tiny bit of roughness, but not actually sure that will help. The refraction through your window - of the car’s seat - is definitely wrong. Is there too much thickness on your glass?

Overall though, a nice render.