Masher (Nazi Grenade)

real photo:

any suggestions on the model, i wish i knew how to texture…

just on a physical level, the top part seems to be a little too big around to me. As to doing textures, the wikibook linked to in the WIP forum looks like it has some pretty decent texturing tutorials. If not… there’s always the hard-copy manual.
Aside from that, seems like it’s coming along nicely.

Nice… you could also call it a boom stick…lol… but the model looks accurate. Good Job

ahh. Actually, the rounded (spherical) part near the business end looks a little too large. Might just be angles and stuff, or I might just be overly anal-retentive about such things.

Well it has to be perfect does it not :slight_smile: thx for reply

Hey that’s the ones used in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Go on, I want to see it with textures!

you forgot the nails or screws that hold the granade to the stick

added screws and reduced the head size