Masjid (help me to take a nice shot)

Hi ,
I am an architecte and this is a new project designed by a friend and my work is to make a good render
to show the projet . after i finished modeling i start by take a good shoot so need to help and any critics …

also depends how realist you want it to be
and is it in cycles ?

is it going to be printed in color ?
or only for making a small video anim ?

happy cl

for realistic it’s my dream but i think it take many time for realistic materials so i will try a simple material and some post-production with gimp

please i need some critics …
i don’t like it

The thing that really makes it have an unpolisheg feel is the sphere at the centre
It looks unmaterialized and too blocky
Also the walls dont have any variaton in colour wich will give the veiwer a better look at the photo
Real buildings are not that white. Maybe you could add a slightly yellow colour
Last thing… If you want to put this buliding in
a setting i would recomend a desert setting
i think it would suit

Other than that i think the moddeling on this is really good but the materials do not look photorealistic

thanks yusuf you really help . some advice i haven’t permission to change it for example the sphere or environment it’s a real project in algeries and it’s a Mediterranean city
but i change materials and add some environment

If I had a project like that, I probably spend a day or two in learning about lighting. Light can change everything.
maybe ambient light?

ah thx i know my big problem is the time :frowning: for that i did a simple lighiting and materials maybe i need to stop commercial works and learn more about lighting and materials … but can you help me and precise some critics :slight_smile:

you can improve it quick with the ambient light tutorial, just some trick.
Also in the compositor in blender, you can play with the shadows, the Ambient occlusion will help a lot, and some mist pass,
some vignette and a lens distortion and blur distortion. Also you can correct the colors in the compositor.
Maybe you can change the lens of the camera to a wide angle, like 28 mm.
That is if you want to be like a photography.
And I like the first image more! it is more like someone took the picture from a human perspective.

Right now this looks alot better
however as everyone is saying the lighting is needs some improvement

thx for ambient occlusion i use it about 0.1 …
for compositor this what i did i use vignette and lens distortion i wil try tho improve lighting and some material

and see you at focused critics and thx for all your help

It may be just me… but I like it much better without the textures, just white.