Mask and helmet

This is my first attempt to model with blender. The effect that I’m trying to achieve would be something similiar to here; particularly as you see in the first panel. My experience with blender is a bit limited - in fact, my 3d experience is quite limited full stop!

I’ve used the Make Human script to create a reference head and built the helmet and face mask around it; as two seperate pieces. The model was mainly built be extruding vertices and then filling in the faces and tweaking. I’d pick the ear-cups and face-mask eye-holes as most in need of improvement - I’m thinking of eliminating the ear-cups all together

I’d appreciate any feed back about both style and the model’s construction as I’m not really sure how to proceed. Ideally I’d like to make the helmet round and create the raised red-sections; I’d also like to improve the filter section (hexagons are place holders but I’d also welcome ideas on how to create the filters proper).


Blend file (and more screen shots):


Good Start. Though your face loops don’t look very good though. try this head tutorial. If you need any help with anything just private message me. thanx!

You’ll get much better results in the end if you try to avoid getting triangles as much as possible. Stick to quads if you can!

The mesh looks messy and asymetrical to me, but maybe that’s my imagination. Can you post a wire from a head-on view?

Hi all,
Thanks for the feedback
emfrobia - thanks for that link, showed among other things that my approach was hopelessly primative! roofoo - yeap; quads are defo the way to go; I’ll have to worry about low-poly modelling later

I’m going to restart this one from scratch though - it was pretty good for learning how to use the blender UI, but I think the actual result is… not so good :smiley: - certainly not worth much more work.

Sure thing
There are some more screenshots and the blend itself in that directory ( )
It is symmetrical; the trick I was using was to work on only one half and then duplicate and mirror to see how things were going - in maya you can set things up so you can make a change and have it immediately mirrored as you edit; I haven’t been able to find a way of doing this in blender yet.

Should add that my work with maya my only other 3d experience worth metioning. It was a (pretty intense) 9 day course that was spread over 3 months as part of my degree - not ideal, to be honest.

The mirror function (if you have 2.40) is under editing (F9), Add modifier, Mirror. The mesh is mirrored around the central-point, which can be moved, by moving the mesh in editmode. which way it is mirrored is controlled by the X, Y, Z buttons in the modifier.

Tjeiken - Thank you! Thats exactly what I was after