Mask by Mero

Hi guys
I came here to show you my model. What do you think ? How does it look for you ?.
Model toke me 3 days to complete.
All textures made in blender.

Is there any posibility that some day i will work in gamdev ? or atleast earny money this way?

Amazing work !
To be used in games, the materials has to be exported / converted into the materials the game-engine e.g. Unity3D is using, the shaders are different so it usually needs some fitting to look similar in the game-engine. And alotta the details has to be baked on as normalmap, the model has to be fairly low-poly, I would imagine that the details on this model takes up a lot of polys :wink:
Good work, congratulations !

Thanks !
i know how to export :slight_smile:
i would do it with this model but i see no point in spending 5 hours on making retopology just for me.
UE4 is easier to export. Unity is a bit tricky cuz it wants you to have roughness as a alpha chanel of albedo :smiley:

Can’t you see? You dream that’s why you’re not seeing the door in front of you. Hm, maybe you are also too close to it.

OK, waky-waky & let’s step back for a moment.
Doing retopo is not just for you only but also for everyone else who want’s to have this in a game. So do it nice and clean. Then after, the money coming from asset being sold on UE marketplace will be mostly for you & the union.

Without doing it, your questions will stay unanswered, you broke & inexperienced. :rolleyes::eyebrowlift:

i never thought about selling models on UE and Unity marketplace. It never come to my mind that somebody would pay for my model.

That’s the thing, community got used & rely on capitalists to create jobs. But it was community which created capitalists and merchants in the first place :wink:

So work on your IP (intellectual property). Over the years it will pay off & you’ll still be able to get a job if you choose so. Another advantage is that over the time you’ll get much needed experience, exposure, portfolio and confidence to grow - strive for more. All which is of great value. With volumes of your own work the money won’t be an issue (unless greed gets the best of you). Thus you could enjoy the essence of what makes you You.

Classes that are not taught at schools, yet they make life more pleasing to all of us :wink:

Good work! BTW

how to add thumbnail to my work ? :<

You know Metro games. This is something like that.

Add an image in the thread from blendersartists own “insert image” upload.

Lol i just cant add image when i do and press “SAVE” it reloads the page X_X

Did you press “upload” button when you selected the image? It should have generated a code in the post or show a small image inside the post.

i just drag the image and it was shown