Mask displacement map

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So I’m working on a tecnique, but I’ve hit a brick wall. I have a displacement map (cloud gen texture), that’s mapped to an object (empty, animated over time), creating a nice noise across the object over time.

But I want to mask it (stencil, in other words), using another texture. It’s a simple texture, gradient(blend) mapped to the object normal on the Z axis.

So basically what I’m trying to do is limit the displacement to the sides of the mesh (sides, as defined as the camera view/angle).

I’ve set it all up the way I would think it should be done. In fact, if I apply the cloud texture as a color (col), it’s masked by the stencil texture above it, but the displacement effects EVERYTHING.

Any thoughts? Is this a bug? I just can’t seem to make it work…

Oh, and I’m not against using node materials. The problem I hit there is that I don’t know how to apply a texture as a displacement in a node setup. If someone can show me that, I have a node setup that should work. But it will need to have some sort of method to animate the cloud texture over time.



Your mesh may not be subdivided enough, check this out. I know who you are…


Disp.blend (140 KB)

if you weight paint it you can get what you want, Red=displaced Blue= not displaced.

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You’re right, your example (when subsurfed) did stencil properly. It’s not a normal mask, but it proves stencil works. Now to try my stuff again… Thanks!

@Brados33 Static masking doesn’t work, because I need it to mask out the front (camera) facing part of the mesh. Thanks though. :slight_smile:


Daniel sorry I forgot to say to subdivide that cube I gave you before the disp would work. Also, the stencil maps, for the LONGEST time I knew what they did but they never worked for me, then I realized you hafta give it a colorband in the texture settings with a white alpha=1 and a black alpha=0. THEN do the stencil settings. :smiley: