Mask motion path edit

Hi new to masking in blender, just wondering if there was a way to get the motion path data of the mask into the graph editor so I can edit the motion path , Just Like animating with 3d objects.

cheers for any help


I don’t quite get what you’re asking. Are you trying to edit a mask, or tracking data, or tracked/solved camera motion based off tracking?

Is this what you are looking for?

I think it is not possible at the moment. Mask objects are not supported in graph editor and dope sheet.


Hi all cheers for the replys I wanted to fine tune the masks animation via the F the curve editor I thought there may have been an option to parent the mask to an empty hidden away some where, I have since found out you can parent to the track, so if we had the option of an empty would it have all the motion curve data ??


Not what I was after but that sure is one cool extension to check out later on…

You can Create Geometry from a “tracker”. This makes moving empties at tracker locations in the 3D space.

Go to the MCE tools panel, look for Solve> Geometry> Link Empty To Track.

Then select the empty object and go to the Constraints tab in it’s properties. Click Constraint to F-Curve.

Edit away to your hearts content :smiley:

cheers for the info 3pointEdit I will give it a go and see if thats what I was after…