Mask Tools add-on (Crash Log attached)


I’m using Mask Tools (either 1.6 or 1.7), with Blender 2.93. This addon was made by Wayward Art Company and purchased on Blender Market.

Issue is - Blender crashes as soon as I try to add a node through this add-on. I’m only using the default cube as a quick test, but every time, Blender crashes.

My computer is decently fast. So I have no idea why I’m having trouble with it. My GPU is enabled. I did all the things. Restarted my PC, etc etc.

Anybody having similar issues?


I’ve attached the crash log, but can’t decipher it. Not sure what I have to do to get this add-on to work. 35$ is a lot of money to me nowadays. Any help would be appreciated.

blender.crash.txt (29.3 KB)