Mask Tools

Addon update : Version 0.2 -

Addon now supports mask weight blending. Including actions like adding and subtracting.

If you create a mask with 0.5 strength and choose to add or subtract the weights will be normalized between 0.0 and 1.0

Happy sculpting and blending :RocknRoll:


Note : I forgot to change the file names in the zip, I just updated the zip again. If you downloaded before please remove the addon and download the zip again and re-install.


Alternatively you can go to the blender/addon folder for your system (you can see this folder in the addon info in blender).


change to


change to

Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks! Keep on improving! This thing is great!

for me is the most promising addon for 2015.
I will test.

Hi @yii7, thanks for this addon, looks cool and is very promising, I’m having a problem though, for some reason is not working, this is the error a I get after trying to create a vertex group from a mask in “sculpt mode”…

I’m using Blender 2.74, what would be the problem?.
Cool addon!

Hi Hetors; you having a version compatibility issue.

Here is version vs file list:

Mask Tools V 0.2 = Blender 2.75+ - 2.75 RC - 2.75 Test Build (The latest version)

Mask Tools Legacy 2.74 = Blender 2.74 and lower (This version doesn’t have mask blending)
Mask Tools Legacy 2.75 = Blender 2.75 (This version doesn’t have mask blending)

So if you would like to use 2.74 you need to use the “Legacy 2.74” version. For the v.02 you need 2.75 and up. All of the links can be found on the first post.


Update 06 / 07 / 2015 : Uploaded v.03

Check First Post for link.

— v.03 Update Log —

  1. Addon now supports Cavity Masking

  2. Addon now supports Edge Masking

  3. Addon now supports Smooth All Mask

Note : Cavity and Edge Masking is computationally heavy. If your sculpt vertex count is greater than 100k make sure to save your work before using it. Also wait for blender to finish it can take up to 10-15 seconds for 600 k - 800 k meshes.

when i try to create a cavity mask and all other options in the sculpt mode, dont work.

Hi sergiopt ; you are using Blender 2.74; please use version 2.75 - TestBuild from . Alternatively you can use newest build from too. Cheers

thanks, i will do that

version 0.35 - BugFix after 2.75a official Blender release.

Saving and converting masks stopped working in dynatopo mode after 2.75 release. - Fixed

Nice addon, I just really wish it could work with both sculpting modes

This looks like a good addon.

I wrote an addon that lets you convert weights to vertex colors. You should be able to use my addon to convert weights from this addon to vertex colors so that you can use them in renders as masks or color etc.

Here’s one that masks using objects.

This is a really nice addon… :slight_smile:

Mind if I throw some ideas by you too, for additional function?

  1. It would be nice if the masks could work in Paint mode & Vertex Paint mode
    You can kinda do this with mask modifier… but your way would be easier…
    In vertex paint and Paint mode you can’t even select vertex groups, even with the “Face Selection mask for painting” on.
  2. It would be awesome… if in cycles you could have a node that outputs a black and white texture based off a mask select in a drop down
    I would name my first born child after you… ok… maybe not… be god I would love this…
  3. It would be nice if we could generate the mask in edit mode
    I know I could do this with vertext groups… but having your tool being able to do this would be handy

Thanks it… Thanks a bunch… :slight_smile:

I believe what skidz said would really be nice if the mask addon can work in vertex mode. it would really help in texture painting using the mask cavity option.

I just made a quick video on how I do topology-based masking with this awesome add-on :

Hope it helps.

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This is very nice add-on. Thenks.
But I have some problem. Mask to VGroup does not work. :frowning: Version of Blender 2.78a - maybe, because of this…
I selected mask. Clicked “Create VGroup”. Switched to Edit mode and clicked Select in Vertex group.
Selected the whole object, instead part of the object.

p.s. Sorry fo my English.

Hi juniorB; yes your mask wont be usable in edit mode, this addon is meant for sculpt mode only. This addon uses vertex mask weight property while in edit mode vertex groups use weight property.

What you can do is use another method for this. In sculpt mode create your mask, if you want to save your mask use “Mask To Vgroup” option. Then in sculpt mode go to menu Hide/Mask > choose “Hide Masked” . Then while in sculpt mode press tab to go to edit mode, you will see your masked parts will be hidden. If some vertices are already selected deselect everything, then unhide all ALT+H, now your masked part should be selected. You can create a new vertex group in edit mode to save this .

Or alternatively you can use the method on the video couple of post back… sculpt mode > Mask To Vgroup > Weight Paint mode > Quantize / Levels > Weight paint vertex selection mode > Set Weights ( Shift + K )

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Is this still in development ? Where can I get this add-on for Blender 2.79b and for 2.8 ?


Since it seemed not to be supported anymore,
I corresponded to Blender 2.8 2019.01.18 version.

  • Classify the menu. The execution button is enlarged
  • Added function to thicken / reduce mask
  • To make it possible to set the repeat of Smooth · Fat · Less function
  • Added ability to sharpen mask
  • Smooth Modifier masked surface
  • Displace Modifier masked surface

Download zip (Blender 2.80ver) - Github

Download zip (Blender 2.79ver) - Github

script - Github

Mask Tools ver 0,39,0


  • corresponded Blender2.80 bata
  • Save Mask to Vertex group
  • Import Vertex group to Mask
  • Mask Edge
  • Mask Cavity
  • Mask Blur
  • Mask Sharp
  • Mask Sharp(Thick)
  • Mask Fat
  • Mask Less
  • Modifier Displacement
  • Modifier Smooth
  • Modifier Solidify
  • Mask Remove
  • Mask Duplicate
  • Mask Separate
  • Mask Exturde
  • Mask Outline Relax
    • It is convenient to execute it before contouring of duplicated or separated objects or before extruding
    • Be careful because you are using Relax of LoopTools addon!
  • Added Mask Exturde
    • For extrusion, LoopTool’s Relax is used.
    • If you turn off the curve icon, extrusion can be executed without enabling LoopTool.
  • Add Shortcut (Mouse DoubleClick)