Masking a circle on a side of cup (cylinder) with a slant

Hello everyone,

I played around with blender 6+ years ago and I decide to play with it again. I’m having some problems with modeling a tumbler cup. I gone through a good amount of tutorials which have got me to where I am now. Though I’m stuck on the last part. The tumbler cup has diamond studded design on the side the cup with a flat circle on the front (pictures below). Now I need to make a circle on the side of the cup that will keep the side same aspect/properties of the cup (not sure what to call it).

Things i have tried:

  • Making a circle -> add modifier -> Boolean
  • Dissolving vertices/edges/faces

What I’m trying to make:

What I have so far:

(Don’t mind the other layers/meshes, i have them as back up. In case i can’t ctrl + z any more lol)

Bool should work if you create a stamp from the unpoked version.
stamp_out.blend (175.7 KB)

stamp_out_sloped.blend (173.4 KB)

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I’m not sure what a stamp is, I’ll try looking it up. But that what I’m looking for and any more info you can send my way about stamps would be greatly appreciated. And thank you for your speedy reply. :+1:

Stamp is just my name for an model used as object for an boolean operation, like you press an stamp into clay.

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@rigoletto Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I got it done! That probably took a lot longer than it should lol.