masking a fingernail in sculpt mode

I am trying to sculpt some detail onto a hand with a basic low poly mesh. I seem to be have a lot of trouble selecting only the finger nail, I am trying to sculpt the fleshy part around the nail

Show us at least a screenshot, so we wouldn’t have to guess :slight_smile:
Also, what are you using? Dynamic topology? Multiresolution? Nothing?

OK you can probaly tell at a glace that I am more at home sculpting with a lump of copper and a hammer. I’ve avoided dynamic topology and multires. modifier for the time being and kept it simple with a couple of subdivisions. I would like to mask the fingernail area within the edgeloop but sculpt mode seems to have a masking tool that behaves like the brush on my wife’s nail varnish. Surely I could do something neat like select an edgeloop and filling inside it?