Masking and "The Wiggler"

Is it possible to do masking like in after effects and most popular video editors in blender? How? Also, is there a wiggler thing for the blender camera?

Blender is rather distinct among 3D software packages in the fact that it integrates the entire video production pipeline … including compositing and video editing … in a single package. The “masking” that you speak of can be accomplished using either or both of these tools.

As with any 3D package, “‘the camera’ is, itself, an object in the 3D world.” Therefore, it can be animated … therefore, “wiggled” … as can anything else.

This package really is a “soup-to-nuts” 3D package, all the more remarkable for the fact that it is absolutely free. Get to know it!

Haha. Thanks. I just figured out how to mask and discovered that an automatic wiggler can be achieved in 2.5…

YountApprentice: How do you achieve an animated mask in Blender?

check out my thread in the animation section. I asked the same question and it was answered there. If you want a mask, just make an image texture, make it shadeless and set to Win coordinates

you should post sideways links to threads of a similar nature. Makes info easier to find. Thanks.