Masking: Can you hide other Masks easily?

After looking at the new Mango post about Masking, I am trying out a mask with multiple elements. Like an armature for a model. That is with a torso arms and legs etc.

While I can select all the linked parts of a mask element (by right-clicking a vert then pressing the L key) I find it hard to discriminate between the verts of other masks! There by modifying the wrong ones.

Does anyone know if you can easily solo (that is hide all other masks) just the mask you are working on?

Workflow would be:

  1. select vert
  2. press solo key (hide other masks)
  3. edit mask
  4. press solo key to unhide others.

Is there something similar for object groups in regular 3D space? Or do I have to go and poke all the visible eyes in the mask menu?

Oh, I see. Shift H (hide unsellected)

Sorry for noise…