Masking displacement in material nodes

Hi community!

I am trying to mask my displacement input in material nodes. Assume that I want to apply a musgrave texture as a displacement map for the red cube, but I only want it to apply where the black dot is applied to it as a mask - that is each side should have a round circle area with displacement.

I have tried to put my input for the displacement into the surface input which gives this (what I want as displacement):

Now - when I move it into the displacement input nothing happens. I realize that I might not need the diffuse node after the musgrave when used for displacement - but anyway removing that does not help - what I am doing wrong with my setup?

.blendfile: DisplacementMask.blend (673 KB)

As always - thanks for your help

You have connected a shader output to the displacement material input socket, which requires a grayscale value or RGB colour value as input.

Replace your shader mix setup with a colour mix setup such as the attached. (the mask will be different, you did not pack your mask texture.)

Hi jandress

Thank you very much - I learned something new about nodes today!