Masking Help (or could be feature request/bug report...)

I’m trying out some of the new masking tools in a composite, for doing green screen cleanup. But I’m finding it difficult to view the results of merged mask layers reliably, as I edit them.

Using the backdrop in the compositor is awkward for me, so I’ve been trying an image editor window set to ‘Viewer Node’. But the image doesn’t update as I edit the Masks (in the Movie Clip window), unless I switch the Image editor to Mask mode and back again to view mode. To clarify, I want the Image editor to update the output of the compositor viewer node without all the splines visible, as I edit the masks in the Movie Clip window.

Can anyone suggest a good workflow? Should this be a feature request/bug report?

Probably your best bet is to go on ahead and set the scene up for compositing using the “new” mask node. Once you have rendered out the frame, set your compositing window to show backgrounds. Then go back to the Mask Editor in the Movie Clip Editor/Tracker and set this up side by side with the compositor.

Make your changes to the mask (any changes), and they will show up in the compositor. It’s pretty elegant!

Anybody else have another workaround? Would be nice not to have to render, but…

Here’s a screen grab from a recent project…

Yeah I use the UV editor for quicky mask shapes, like for power windows when grading. But any travel mattes have to be done in Movie Clip editor for great frame handling.

Thanks for the replies guys. I have used the backdrop within the Compositor for visual feedback, and I am using the mask node in the compositor.

I just find having to see around the noodles a bit of a chore, and the UV editor in mask mode is more easily moveable/zoomable etc. Especially trying to fine tune feathering and overlapping mask layers and seeing the effects free of all the splines.

I think it would be great if the UV editor, when it is monitoring a viewer node, would update with changes to the mask from the Movie Clip editor. Not knowing anything much about programming, I think this would be a nice thing for someone (else) to implement :slight_smile:

Well last time I asked (about refresh in UV editor), I was told to use the Movie Clip editor :wink: