Masking in Grease Pencil?

Hello everyone!

Anyone knows if its possible to maks part of a Grease pencil object, like a fill, so that another GP object only shows in that mask?

Like say the white of an eye would be set as a mask, and the pupil would only show in the mask, but would not show in the outline of the eye?

I tried using dynamic paint, it didnt work too well!

Thanks in advance for any replies!

It looks like a layer with a substract blend mode only works correctly as last layer.

For the moment, to display lines over the alpha mask layer, you have to create another GP object.

I am not sure this is expected reply.
Can you precise what kind of mask do you expect ?
Dynamic Paint is a modifier restricted to meshes.
GP object have other modifiers and effects that may impact color and opacity of specific strokes, fills but not like layers blend modes.

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Hello, and thanks for the reply!

Here is a video I recorded a few years ago using Moho, it gives an idea of what I have in mind here…

Blender have masks for regular renderlayers with layering managed through compositing editor and vector masks creation managed through Image or Movie Clip editor in Mask mode since years.

In 2.80, you can still use this way to use Black and White images as a mask to mix several viewlayers.
You can use any technique to produce this kind of BW images. But mixing has to be done in compositing editor and result can’t be seen in 3D Viewport.

Grease Pencil workflow is WIP and it does not handle that at its level in the viewport.
I don’t know which level of complexity for GP layers, devs want to reach.
Maybe that would be redundant with compositing editor. Maybe they are waiting for overlays system for viewlayers.
But don’t expect something like that at GP level, soon.

Sub to the reps.

Okay, did some testing, the clamp function in the layers panel would do the trick, only needs an option to limit the masking to only the layer underneath!

This is a very important tool in 2D animation. With his help eyes, movements of the mouth and much much more are made. And this has nothing to do with composing …
Especially since the tool already exists and it works, there is simply no grouping on the layers and it is not possible to assign to which layers the mask works, and where its action stops.
Here are some examples:

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Yes, my example was also made in Moho/Anime Studio, it would make sense to add this functionality in GP, masking is really important in 2D rigging !