Masking my video ruined the color clearness

No mask

With mask

I added glare effects in video, like streaks and stuff

Look at the V logo, aaaagh.

Thanks for the report

What to do to fix the issue?

The color gets messed up the moment I implement the video even without compositor nodes.

Your color management config results in the compositor running its output through the filmic tonemapper. Did you intend to do this?

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Yes, but even if I put it on default it still renders it out all crappy colored.

Naaaah fella it’s goood. I render the first video in filmic color management, then I render the mask on that video again with filmic color management so the colors were getting more and more crappy. NOW IT’S ALRIGHT when I render it all out it default color management.

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Don’t use crappy formats unless you want crappy results. That is, if you want to avoid crappy results, only ever use EXRs for your still frames as an interchange. Avoid the absolute garbage format known as PNG.