Masking with blender

Hello guys, i need to make my char paint a letter in a wall and i know i could do it with animated textures from alpha to some image texture, but with that method i don´t have as control over the animation as i would need; the coordinates of the textures ain´t easy to manipulate. So, i was thinking if is there a way to mask the mesh to simulate the painting process, i let you an image of my work in progress.

Any idea will be appreciated

Have you considered the build modifier applied to your mesh?

Hey Atom! great idea, i didn´t know that modifier :slight_smile:
The problem now is that this mesh is very complex cause of the shape of the font

So when it is built weird behaviors happens; is there a way to completely simplify this mesh??? quading and merging isn´t enough, and converting it to single curves does not gimme a filling option.
Any idea to simplify the mesh so i can build it in a good way???

ok, i got to make this modifier work well but my previous question is sitll pending:

1- Is there a command to simplify a complex shape or i must do it handmade, merging and quading???
2- Another question that have arised: how can i control when the build modifier starts??? i ask this because i ve split the D into an arc and an stick and i want the stick mesh to start to build once the arc mesh have finished.

Thank you

Here’s a quick basic setup showing how you could mask the logo using particles that die on collision with the brush.

Check out the decimate modifier.

Add a Time ipo curve.

wow man that is wonderful!!! you got the power of blender in your hands
I ve solved the painting process with the building modifier (you can control the start frame with the Start slider!) and you can invert the process with Ctrl-F.
Now, I must learn that particle collision technique, it is amazing.
thank you very much N03N, you rock!