I’m trying to do a reveal - there’s a box with text on it, and I want it to show up via a wipe across the screen. I’ve got my Essential Blender book, but that supports 2.44. From searching through the forums, I see masking mentioned here and there, but I can’t find any details that show me the basics of it.

Is there a link or some kind of documentation for it?

>I want it to show up via a wipe across the screen.

Are you saying wipe as in an animation?

well you could sue a stencil technic

but in an animation it changes shape as you go along the frames

its not a clean straight sweep across

so that’s more difficult

hoep it helps

Yes as in animation… but think of it in terms of opening credits for a movie… there’s a headline, but it’s not visible yet, and then it “reveals” from the left to the right. Other than animating each letter individually, I’d rather just have a mask that hides the whole thing, then animate THAT to move left to right to make the headline visible.

The shrinkwrap modifier can be used to reveal things.

Just drag the plane along it’s X-axis and observe.

This is perfect. Thank you so much.