Masks within the viewport to create comic panels


I’ve been looking into this for a while, and I know others are too. I want to use objects as masks, perhaps in a similar way to track mattes in after effects, which I know I can do in the compositor (cryptomattes are useful here). However, I want to do this within the viewport and be able to use the masks in real time.

Here is a good specific example of what I want to do Comic book style - see 3:39

Being able to create planes that reveal the 3D scenes behind them from the camera’s view. I know this is possible using light rays somehow, but I’d really like to have the planes affect each panel animation (or collection) separately.

Does anyone know how to do this?


Ok, found a tutorial on how this was done.

Comic tutorial

This is a brilliant tutorial. I would love to see a similar functionality outside of grease pencil.