Mason's Mason

Here is what i’ve been working on :wink: hope you like it.

Great character

Making few tweaks will make this char much more beautiful!!

very nice job on the pose. My only critique would be maybe change the direction of the eyes.

like what? so i can improve it :smiley:

thank you, i spent lots of time on it

He looks like the pilot.
Cool character by the way.

i did base it off the tutorial but i wanted to go my own way a bit. this is what i cam up with. thank you :slight_smile:

Looks like you are really trying to make the best piece you can,
I hope this helps you on your journey to make better eyes :slight_smile:
Cool work, its inspired me to get a character done, thanks for that.

wow! this means a lot to me. thank you very much! :wink:

I think it’s very cool!

thank you very much!

Very Nice Mason, I like you work and good luck.