Mass bone constraint assignment?

I’ve recently come across a rigged character armature with model on deviantArt. However, all it is is just a deformation rig without IKs or constraints. I decided to do them myself and make the animation more orthodox, but the problem is that each strand of hair has a bone to it. This isn’t hard to do at all, but it’s extremely tedious to make copy rotation contraints one at a time. Is there a way or an addon that does what I want? I was hoping to box select them horizontally and say “copy their parent’s rotation” or something

Here’s the back of the head to give an idea:

In the pose menu there is a copy constraints to selected bones under constraints.
Select the bones and then make the active bone the one with the constraint on it.

Alright, thanks. Also, given the amount of bones there are, is there a way to select the bone whose rotation to copy, by clicking, instead of selecting it from the list, for each of the copied constraints? That would be a time saver.

Select all your bones, hold shift, select the active bone with right click, then copy constrains. Or use a selection pattern to say select all left with *L then shift then select the active bone.

I mean once the constraint is in place, if there’s a quicker way to select the active bone rather than going through the list.