Mass breaking off of chain as if no resistance

I have made a chain rig that hangs from one static link and splits into 3 chains at the base so that it can connect to a flat mass.

i want the mass to hang from this rigging but it breaks free at the bottom with no resistance from the chain.

all of the parts of the chain simulate correctly except for the mass.

any idea why?

pics of rig:

I don’t think this is something that can be solved by looking at a a couple of screenshots. Any chance you could supply the .blend?

well i figured it out…

originally i had joined 3 taurus’ and the cylinder into one object to make the hanging mass.

I tried Parenting the objects instead of joining them and it seemed to work properly.

My problem now is figuring out the mass difference because the chain keeps snapping from the weight of the mass.

is there any way to calculate what the mass of each link should be in order to support the mass of the hanging weight?

Dont remember the formula but it must be triangle of forces.

here is my .blend for anyone who wants to take a look.

MIGHTY_MAGNET.blend (1.09 MB)

i tried to make each level of the rig more “Massive” than the combined mass of the layers below it but it still breaks loose at the bottom.

im thinking that i am not accounting for the force of the initial drop now but that would require a lot of math that i dont want to do hahaha

The rigid body setup is not quite right you know.

How body collide is manipulated with two different settings; Attributes / Radius and under Collision Bounds. Both setting is set around object center. So you have large mass at bottom center, which where collision bound is set. This large object is suspended by small chain with small collision bounds far away from object center. The collision bound is not touching / interacting.