Mass Effect

This is my version of Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. I’ve been working on this model for about 3 days now. I used the base head from Ben Simonds “Master Lighting” tutorial but i sculpted a few extra details and followed most of his Texturing and rendering tutorial from blender cookie (I still have to do part 2…). This was all done in blender and gimp.

I am still wondering if i should do a full model or if I should just finish the arms and re-texture the suit.


That looks great!

Suit looks great, however the character’s face seems an awkward look to his cheeks (first screenshot). Or it might just be the angle.
Anyhow good work, keep it up! :slight_smile:

Looking good! I saw the render before I read your post and thought he looked familiar. Nice to see him out and about.

Some really nice details on the suit so far. Try to get them to accuentuate/play off of the anatomical landmarks of the body - shoulder pads follow the shape of the deltoids, leg armor follows the iliac crest of the pelvis down into the leg. Things like that.

this is the first replication of mass effect i’ve ever seen in blender and I have to say, it’s quite good.

Thanks Thomas and graphix!

xelus - it is just the camera angle that messes up the face but thanks for pointing that out.

ben - thanks for the input, i started to make some changes to the waist area.