Mass Scale Maps

Hello, I’m here to demonstrate mass scale. With this system, I created a planetary system that took 4 hours to cross at high speed with giant planets you could land on. Basically, you set the max distance for the camera all the way and than set the max window view distance (in view Properties.) Scale everything down and make sure it all works correctly by tweaking physics and gravity. It also saves space and render power.

This may not be important for most, but anyone creating a flightsim, Arma-style game, RPG, or MMO, this is a good system to try out.

To think that Oblivion, if you had a straight path takes a little more than an hour to cross the whole map, this is pretty cool.

Hm - that’s interesting. So how does it save on render power? Because the objects are occupying a smaller area? Anyway, it’s a nice experiment. I’ve never made a world that was really huge before…

Well, the map shown is only slightly bigger than the default grid. If it was proportionally bigger to what is was before, the outside and overhead profile would jump from .01 - 1.00% to 15%-20%. This is the difference of 1-3 frames on my PC. This may not be a big deal to me or to some, but it could be worse on other computers. Also, subdividing on larger planes can cause it to be really slow. It doesn’t matter if you subdivide once, if the plane is huge, it will slow down. If the plane is just a little larger than the grid, you can subdivide many times without slow down.

How sure are you about this :S That doesn’t make much sense to me. I don’t think scale would make that much of a difference… Instead, I think that the number of triangles being rendered would affect performance. If you have a Cube, no matter how big you have it, it is still only 12 triangles.

Actually, the slow down was caused by the physics due to the subdivisions. When the sections are very big, the objects on top of them have issues. My mistake.

Just in addition. Although the maximum is very high (10,000?) for the View, you can still get capped. The smaller you start it, the bigger the scale you can achieve. Passed its small performance help, it’s just a better way to achieve bigger terrain and area.