Massage device

I have blender for a couple of months and this is mi first post here. This is Massage Device my wife bought to me a few weeks ago.

I need some help here. Some weird shadows appear on my design when I set it smooth (and render it).

Also, (in the real device) when It’s turned on, a blue light is showed inside the bottom spheres. How can I make that the bottom spheres illuminate, maybe putting some lights inside, but I’m afraid of making something wrong.

Any suggestions are welcome!


Thats really good. The matireals(sp?) are excellent.
The weird shadows are caused by inverted normals. To fix this select all the verts in edit mode and hit ctrl-n.
Creating the lights can be done as you described or using radiosity (sp?). Since I won’t look your going to half to find it tuts on radiosity yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

the spec or reflection seems a little high other than that I would use it.

Did she buy that for you so she would be receiving the massages? Smart wife :slight_smile:
Good image!
Yeah, the black lines are ‘normals’ not all facing the correct way. If ctrl-n doesn’t work you may need to individually flip them, which can be frustrating. This is why its important to keep a clean mesh as your working from start to go, calculating them straight after you merge vertices together for an example. If you look to the far right under the ‘edit’ buttons you will see an option ‘draw normals’. Increase the size, the button above and all those lines you see should be pointing outwards.
Hope thats helpful.

Or she bought it so she wont be giving massages.

Problem solved, thanx!

Unfortunately we used it only 2 or 3 days since she brought it. We both received massages!