Massive CC-by-SA free art asset library in blend files

I have converted a large part of the Ryzom media assets to blend format from the broken max files. They are free to use with a CC-by-SA 3.0 license. There are still a few materials that are wonky, so if anyone knows how to fix them please let me know, as I do not know how to correct the materials.

5 races (fyros/human,matis/elf,tryker/hobbit, caravan/mech, and zorai/?)
Male and female meshes/animations
~1500 animations for walking, running, crafting, eating, fighting, shooting, emotions…
150 facial animations
Lots of different class meshes
600 different textures
Lots of weapons for each race

Still working:
Some materials are funky
Stuff (cups, weapons, furnature…)

Are there some preview images or something?

is it? >>>

This game looks incredible from screenshots. Is it made in Blender Game Engine?:o

Yes, it is all the artwork from They released it under an open source license a while ago.

I put three preview images on the sourceforge page, but it is difficult to capture 1500 animations.