Massive City Destruction, BLEND file available now ;)


Here is an apocalyptic animation. hehehe…:evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin:
[click on the image to see the animation

The city was done with the suicidator city engine script



Very nice! Well… as far as such a scenario could be nice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wow, beautilful!

Nice. How did you make the city?

tedkarenm2: I forgot to mention it…sorry. I did it with the amazing “suicidator city engine

Great concept.

I feel the destructin could have been better but i guess its a matter of your attention to detail and the power of your computer to generate all of the debis.

Great job, good use of lighting and smoke.

The sky is awesome. I’m looking at the clouds, because if it is a texture, it doesn’t look like one, which is a very good thing. Nicely done.

TheANIMAL: I have reach the limits of my computer’s power. 100 more particles and blender would have crashed :slight_smile: I really have to save some money to buy a little renderfarm ! XD

mtndew999: thank you ! the video is a bit darker than the raw render (because of vimeo’s converter)

ronthehybrid: yes the sky is a texture, but as you can see, with some hsv corrections you can make it less “realistic”. I also did some clouds with billboards

What do you mean you made clouds with billboards? I really would like to know how to make those neat clouds/smoke effects, but I’m just a noobie so I guess I will learn someday :slight_smile: Good job at destroying the city Sir! xD

Awesome.The beginning where the missile took off was really realistic,I though it was real:D

Love your work, Fab!

Do you use the explode modifier with particles to destroy the city mesh?
You got to make a tutorial on that rocket smoke! It looks so volumetric and powerful!


elek: billboards ar simple textures squares which replaces halos on a particle system.

TheCroc: thank you ! the realism comes from the texture I applied on the skydome

ezpRado: yes I used the xplode modifier (about 50’000 particles for the reactor system, and 800 for the emitter)
the technique for the smoke is almost the same that I developped for the A-bomb

Stay around this thread, I will soon publish the blend file of the city destruction !! I hope that someone with a most powerful computer than mine could render a most realistic scene !