Massive favour?

I have a coursework project for media studies, animated, due for friday, however my teacher wants to see it before then. Majority of my animation is done, however my computer just took 5 hours to render 60 frames… and its a full 2 minute project!
And i was wondering if anyone with better, or even similar render times could help me out by rendering a scene or two for me?

I know its very brash of me to ask this of the community without having contributed much to date… but I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t desperate :frowning:

If I could get even 10 people to do one scene each… that would be a quarter of it done, near enough.

Thank you all so much <3 im just gonna go ahead and put a list up here so i can keep track of things, if thats ok? Im just terribly scatterbrained :stuck_out_tongue:


what spec is your computer?

more the point get it uploaded and im sure there will be people willing to help :slight_smile:

Im not sure, a friend of my dads put it together a VERY long time ago…
Windows XP 32bit, with Blender 2.62, it crashes a lot when i try to render anything with particles or simulation
I managed to get a loan of my aunts Macbook to help with rendering, (Also blender 2.62) but its a very full machine which i think slows it down… its the one that took 5 hours, ive more or less given up on this one!!

get it uploaded and i will see if i can help :slight_smile:

Thank you so much <3 Bear with me, i want to fix the textures… theyve gone a little funky on me :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll have part of it up within an hour

lol kk well set it up and i will just open it and click render lol

I’ll chip in as well. Be a good test for my GPU too.

i agree though it will be my processor taking the brunt :stuck_out_tongue: will be interesting to see the comparisson

Im gonna have to go to rapidshare or something because i keep getting errors for uploading here…

use dropbox, a free account gives you a couple of gb to play with the upload speed is pretty quick and people dont have to mess around with rapidshare as its full of ads lol

I could probably help, if I had a link for where to get it.

Sorry about that, ok heres the first 2 files, the others need some srs fixing but ill upload them as i go along… if i could ask you to double check theyre still AVIRAW for the render then that would be awesome, apart from that theyre about ready to go :slight_smile: Thank you all again <3

are the render settings set up by the way? like image format etc?

ah its worth noting that it would be better if you render them as images first and then use the sequencer to encode them to an AVI. Otherwise if there is a problem with the render etc its not going to lose the whole render only the frames where it crashes

Yeah they are, theyre all default anyway and they should all be in AVI raw format
Heres number 3

How would i do that? This is literally my first animation see… Ive just got to the point where i need to get them all done as quick as possible… as evidenced by the fact i have to ask for help!!
And yeah, they should all be set up apart from that… theyre more or less default anyway

ah okay, well first thing is to create a directory for each scene to be outputted (sp?) to. then render the scenes as you would but normally i prefer to use png as it supports transparency (if you wanted to overlay it for instance). I could explain the process on paper but it would be much quicker (and more detailed) to watch this:

This also gives you the option to add other post processing effects like scene transitions etc and add music etc to the timeline :slight_smile:

There’s a tutorial on how to do it. I use this when I make little 10 second videos in Blender.

great minds think alike obviously :stuck_out_tongue:
they are almost finished. Just waiting on them uploading and then you should be done

Would that not make for a bigger file for you to upload? All those pngs? I chose AVI raw because it was quicker i guess, and less complicated, which way would make it easier on you guys? Cause i really dont mind how its done, just so long as i can get this together ASAP!
And thank you so much!! That was dead quick o.o
I have sooo many though :confused: Im putting the final touches on a few… but some of them arent even fully animated yet…
35 scenes total, ive completed 10 and 6 need characters i havent even finished yet :confused:

And i need the majority of it by 8 am D:
Sorry about burdening your computers btw, just… well you can see the issue and im a tad desperate for help :confused: