Massive fluid help

I am experimenting with a tidal wave into a city. However when I create one big cube and put the resolution at 512 when it is baking the wireframe of the fluid looks the same as when I tried it of 50. Will this still bake with with higher resolution. I just need to know because it is a 7-8 hour bake and I dont want to waste time.:spin:

Which Blender? It’s better to work small with fluid, including not having your obstacles high res… much better to use low res invisible “blocks”. If you work low res, it won’t take long to test the results (and fix any errors). Then you can apply the same to bumped up settings.

  • Remember the difference between display resolution and render resolution.
  • Fluid particles can add a lot in terms of splashes.
  • The veracity settings are important as is the resolution.
  • You can add a subdivision modifier to the bake object after the baking to get a smoother looking result.

I made sure that all my blocks are very low res.
Here is whet it looks like so far it is only on the 23rd frame at 512 res and its been around 30mins.
Look at the fluid in the picture, it is still very low res looking!?!?


Oh - you’re using Blender 2.49 (I’m on 2.5 - a build I compiled because fluids were unstable in the alpha2 release)

Try changing the Display quality to “final” and “final” and see how that looks. At the moment, it appears that your “preview” quality is set to only 25, and you’re wondering about what the final looks like.

Perfect! thanks now it looks awesome