Massive Fluid Simulation

A long time ago, almost a year ago, I did a fluid simulation. The fluid simulation was of a large cube elongated in the verticle direction splashing in a domain that was about twice as wide as it is long and tall, with a square pillar in the center. A basic fluid simulation. I set it up at resolution 200, and I let it simulate overnight. I woke up, and expected my fluid simulation to be almost done or finished, but it was at about frame 100 out of 250. The answer: it was actually a resolution 800 fluid simulation. That’s right! A resolution 200 fluid simulation with 2 subdivisions! I rendered it, and at full HD resolution and almost 20 minutes per frame, the AVI file was over 4 GB! My computer can’t handle full uncompressed HD AVI files very well, so I turned it into an FLV file at 720P. I would upload the video file, but I din’t know how to upload a huge FLV file into BlenderArtists. Here are some screenshots of the final render:

Blender Artists only allows 6 pictures per post, so…

…here are the other three:

What do you think?

that’s the best fluid simulation i’ve seen since this video i saw last week on youtube. Sher, yours isn’t as complicated, but i think hoever made this video used about the same resolution.

Oh yeah, I’ve known about that video for over a year. His YouTube username is the same as his Blender Artists Username. I’m going to PM him to look at this thread, LOL!