Massive Futuristic Bike

I’ve started working on a new model. This time a sci-fi bike based on a piece of concept art by Jessada Sutthi.

Old shot:

I still need to add a lot details and fill some holes in the mesh, but so far I think it’s coming along nicely.

Also don’t flame my 10 minute autoweighed character (basemesh from the Polycount wiki) it’s just a placeholder to ensure good proportions. I’ll remove that for the final shot so I haven’t cared much about perfecting the rig.

It might also be worth mentioning that I’ll bake this all down to a lowpoly model that I’ll render in Marmoset Toolbag and/or UDK.

Crits and comments are as always very much appreciated.

[Edit] Newsest render attached below[/Edit]


Very nice looking bike and I see you’re getting close to the original. I guess this feedback is also a bit on the bike design in case you’re free to develop it as you model it.

  • It looks a bit un-aerodynamic especially with that character pose, makes me want to see the character leaning more towards the bike. It’s not about the character alone, also the bike design. Even if you remove the character altogether maybe you could scale things down on Z-axis a bit or elongate the bike. It would also deliver an impression of weight and speed. Perspective of concept art gives you little freedom with the exact proportions of the bike so maybe try to experiment with scaling it a bit.
  • The “handle extrusions” stand out a bit at least in this perspective, could they be bent more towards the back so it would look more streamlined?
  • I would love to see more detail in wheels especially in rim and center part. Could there be a yellow circular theme in front wheel in some form as in the back wheel? Just keep it in mind as you add overall detail. The wheels are often the “sweet spots” of CGI bikes where the masterpiece details are displayed.
  • Perhaps you could put a black recession area like you have in the front also to a blue part in the back to give it more unified in the looks
  • Exhaust pipe end bulge looks a bit “toon” with these proportions. More subtle changes in girth might deliver more “tech” feel.
  • Corner rounding could be even sharper where it’s not obviously resulting in a driver discomfort. On the other hand the curves you want to be smooth could have even a bit bigger radius. Perhaps just make it clearer if something is sharp or smooth. In painted concept art it is sometimes hard to depict the roundness accurately.

I have tried elongating it a bit before, but I didn’t really like how it looked and tweaked it until I got this. I’ll try adjusting the proportions of it a bit more again and see if I can come up with something good. I’ve also made the girl lean forward a bit more, which, indeed, looks more natural.

I concur completely. They have been fixed.

Yeah, the wheels have been completely neglected as I were focusing on making the other parts and kind of forgot about them. I did find some great references for bike wheels so I’ll try to make them look a lot more interesting.

Yeah, I tried modelling the piece as it’s designed on the concept but it didn’t work out so I settled with this for the time. I’ll make sure to add a similar recession.

I’ve fixed this now and it does indeed look a lot better and more realistic.

I concur, the bevel sizes are a bit inconsistent and need to be improved. It might also be worth considering that I will bake the details from this to a lowpoly mesh so I can’t make the edges as sharp as they’d be in reality as they wouldn’t be picked up on the normalmap. I do see some places that are way too soft though, so I will fix this. However I’m not sure which curves you’re referring to that should have a bigger radius. So it would be great if you could be more specific and point out what parts you mean.

I really appreciate the critique you gave me as many of these I would probably not have thought of myself. It is the first time I post in Focused Critique but if this is the level of critique I can expect I need to post here more often. So again, thank you for taking the time to write up these suggestions. I’ll try posting a new render tomorrow with most of these suggestions implemented.

looks cool, though if it goes as fast as it appears, wouldn’t that blow the character off the bike without a windshield?

Thank you. Adding a windscreen would probably be a good idea. I’m not sure how I’ll make it fit in with the rest of the bike, but I’ll try to figure something out.

Anyway here’s today’s progress:

  • Improved the front wheel by a country mile (added a tire pattern, rims, same circular design as on the back).
  • Made some real headlights, I’m still not happy with them but they’re a start.
  • Smoothed out the seat, as it was very sharp before.
  • Added some actual materials with specular highlights and reflections so you can see each and every imperfection (nooooooooo!).
  • Adjusted the handle extrusion.
  • Adjusted the exhaust at the back to be less comical in its proportions.
  • And a bunch of other small stuff I’ve forgotten.


  • More detailing (esp on the backside).
  • Windscreen
  • Close more holes.

So that’s it for today. Crits and comments are yet again encouraged and appreciated.

Looks awesome, you’ve made some huge progress and I bet the improved material shaders add their part as well :slight_smile:

While detailing the back, perhaps it would be possible to add tail lights in some form, on top maybe?

Good going and looking forward to the final model! :slight_smile:

Yeah, thanks a lot. Making some tail lights is a good idea. However I’ve been thinking about having jet flames come out of the exhausts so I’m not sure how much practical purpose a tail light would actually serve, but I’ll keep it in mind for the sure.

Cool motorbike!

Excellent work. You probably need to add some sort of protection near the exhaust cos it might get really hot!

Thank you! I’ve been working on a feet stand for a bit but don’t really have anything that’s ready to show yet.

I might need to put this project on the backburner for a while as some other stuff has come up, but the critique has been super helpful so far so thanks a lot, everyone!

It’s looking impressive so far . . . the only critique I’d offer is that the profile of the tires looks kind of square-ish, which I fear would make steering it pretty squirrelly. The full width of the tire will only be on the ground when going in a straight line, and during the moment of transition from “leaning right” to “leaning left”, the position of the contact patch will move rapidly from one side to the other. I would suggest tires with a rounder surface.

nice model

how did you construct it? it looks very mechanically made meaning precise - I dont spot the usual SDS problems.

I forgot to post the newest update:

I’m almost finished with the lowpoly modeling and unwrapping as well:
Yeah, it’s pink, haters gonna hate. It landed at about 20k triangles and I’m pretty happy with that.

Thank you! I did not think about the wheels shape all that much while making this, but it’s a good point. Here’s a front shot of the wheels and they are maybe a bit too squarish indeed, so I’ll look into fixing that.

Thanks! It is actually all just regular, straight up subd modelling and believe you me there are some problems (there are some on the sides of the tires in the shot posted above for example).

Most of the bigger forms were blocked out with simpler shapes and then remodeled while trying to use as few vertices as possible to maintain the curvature while still allowing for the amount of detail necessary. To ensure that the forms were smooth I used flatten (looptools) and planarize very liberally all over while using a highspec material or matcap.

All of the bolts are floating geometry where I’ve modeled a single bolt with an indent on a flat plane (that’s why some of them are surrounded by a different color). Then I used duplifaces and shrinkwrap/facesnapping to quickly and easily place the individual bolts with the right orientation. I’ve got some bolts on curved parts so I might need to do a bit of post work on the coming normalmap but I don’t think it’ll be anything major.

This is one of my first hardsurface models with a lot of curves but I’m really happy with most of it. I’ve learned a lot while working on this model so far.

Also I took a look at your Redline Car video a few days ago and picked up a few techniques from it. It was really helpful so thanks for sharing it.

i would delate few loops…

It would help if you were a bit more specific. Most of the loops either contribute to the silhouette/shape or provide some better smoothing which will result in a cleaner normalmap (less gradients).

Looking at it again I can see that the top panel in the front is needlessly highpoly as many of the loops don’t contribute to the shape, so I’ll have to optimize that. Other than that I can’t really see any area that could be optimized without it being detrimental to silhouette. Besides 20k for a vehicle isn’t all that much any more.

If i would show u… in next model u would not see it once again. Now when u found by your self the place. u will make next model better :smiley: Yes i was talking about that spot.

Is that front wheel actually two parallel wheels, like the Dodge Tomahawk? On the Tomahawk, the wheels can move up and down independently to maintain contact on both wheels when the bike leans. I didn’t find any pictures that illustrate this well on a quick image search.

You’re absolutely right. I don’t really know how I managed to miss it, but I did, so thanks for pointing out the problem. I’ve fixed it now and it saved about 200 or 300 triangles, so not a lot of a difference but I suppose every little bit helps. Also turns out that I miscalculated the polycount before (I counted some parts that were mirrored twice) and the actual polycount is about 17.5k tris instead so that’s a bit of an improvement as well.

Here’s the new wires:

Yeah, I were using the Tomahawk as a reference for the wheels. In all honesty I think the bike is pretty fugly but I liked the wheels so I incorporated some of their designs into the wheels. I had no idea that it could raise or lower the individual wheels. I think it’s starting to show that I should’ve done some more research before starting this project :frowning:

Anyway I made the the wheels a lot rounder, here’s how they look now:
I also improved a lot of the shading on the wheels and in other places where there were a bunch of pinching and other subd problems.

I were planning to use this project to learn Mari but it doesn’t even seem to support non-square textures (correct me if I’m wrong). So I’ll have to look elsewhere for 3D texture painting. I’m not really a fan of Blenders brush engine, lack of layers or tablet navigation so that’s why I won’t be using that either. Right now it’s looking like I’ll either have to use Bodypaint or Mudbox, but I’m very open to suggestions if anyone’s got any better alternative.

Here’s what the lowpoly with some WIP bakes (only normals and exploded AO) looks like so far:
I’ll still need to fix some more maps to make it pop a bit more with cavity/curvature and bake some intersection AO for the LP (any advice regarding LPAO would be great). Also need to rebake the AO as there was some problems because of backface discarding because of the floaters. It’s also using the old wheels so it needs to be rebaked for that too.