Massive Metaballism in your Metabolism

created in blender 3.2
music also by tt

This project led me deeper into cloth simulations, the egg bag that contains the moving yolks is a looping cloth sim that has no gravity to itself and stays mostly in place while the eggyolks fight for their place inside of it while colliding with the outer skin and deforming and pushing it around. That took a while to get right. Especially hiding the poles in the sphere, these lead to ugly folds in cloth simulations. And the yolk orb bro with some kind of structure inside is another deepdive into blender materials with translucency and transparency and volumes, combined with my ever growing admiration for metaballs and how gently they morph into each other. I might convert to the tribe of metaballism, I have it in the blood already, … thus the pun in the title… ArtOfRiaz actually coined the term Metaballism while seeing some wip shots, so I just went with it…
The background has some trippy dreamy material with pastels in the shadows, was modeled very fast and the lion statue is a cc0 scan from sketchfab…
Musicwise the synths you hear are mostly made with Vital, a rather new, free in the basic version synth that is fun to design sounds with. It works very similar to the well know Serum Synth and I’ll sure use it more and more for some nasty synth sounds. Maybe I get it to make some beautiful pads as well, but this is my first experiment with vital…

find my previous animation here:


Very nice! I specially like the shading (and brightness) in the eggbag and yolk :wink:

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Excellent animation, attractively organic, and different from my work, so I understood vey little about how you went about creating it. I think your next step is to add a shadow and a reflection in the pool beneath the moving yolk. Go for it!

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I’m glad someone notices the pool and the reflection, but of course I wanted to have the reflection of the main attraction in it, the surface is reflective and the volume colored transparent like blue water and it reflects everything behind the organic thing, you can see in the reflection that there is another statue hidden by the blobby. And the blob is directly above the pool and with that angle there is no way to see the reflection of it :slight_smile:

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