Massive Normal Flip

Alright, so I’ve imported a .dae in 2.49b from sketchup- a really massive city. However upon going into game texture shading I found all the normals were flipped or the calculations were all for the inside. This won’t work for a city so how would I be able to flip the normals of a large amount of structure? Btw this is for an open source traditional fps- which I find remarkably little of on this part of the forum:confused:

In edit mode, select all faces and press Ctrl+N to recalculate the face normals.

Thanks! If I just Ctrl+J to join the meshes then use Ctrl+N to switch the normals. So yeah thanks :slight_smile:
Edit: Well now that doesn’t work- they won’t join- So how would I go into edit mode for multiple objects?

The meshes won’t join? That’s odd. Are you sure that you’ve selected them all, and that the objects are all the same type - meshes? If they’re different types of meshes, then they probably wouldn’t join.

Alright I got them to join using shift right click on each- now I did everything I did in my previous post however 2 sides of the city don’t have a face- I tryed to just select te whole thing with b however blender soon stopped responding and I had to force quit. So what could I do?

Sounds like your city’s very complex and Blender might have had a memory error and crashed. Is that the case?

What do you mean by “2 sides of the city don’t have a face”?

The is the back sides of the currently untextured city.

Ah, I’m not sure. I don’t usually import or export external files, so I can’t help you. You might get better results in the normal Blender forum, since it’s more of a modeling question than anything.