Massive planetary impact

So here’s a render of mine which is a centerpiece shot for a trailer serving my school’s annual film competition. This is my first major project. Unfortunately I forgot to improve the stars and they don’t look that good, but hopefully the 500 to 750 people watching will be looking at the impact, not the sky itself. Hopefully . I also realized that the volumetric atmosphere is too clean cut. Apart from those errors, what is the opinion of the image?


Good work, however I think the picture is too much “burnt” (lots of very bright areas, over-exposed). But maybe it seems ok when watching the full movie.

Aaah, that may very well be due to the reproduction of the colour grading the editor and I applied during editing. I’ll attach the image without colour grading and a link to download the entire animation.

much better but lose a lot of the stars on the background. if it’s going to be an animation make sure to add a little bit of vector motionblur.

Unfortunately I’ve lost the .blend file so I cannot directly modify the render, but I’ll use less stars in the future.

you lost the blend!?? FAIL! no no wait, EPIC FAIL!

Actually it’s incredibly simple, 3 spheres, 2 circles and an elaborate but easy to construct compositing setup. I could recreate the whole thing in about 1 hour, the pain in the ass was rendering.