Massive scaling and movement question

How does one create a real space scene in Blender using a planet sized object (6,000 miles - 9,656 km) and a spaceship sized object (90 feet - 27.4 meters)? It’s not that I can’t model these objects or import them but When I try to move the ship around a planet, the viewport begins to shake and the spaceship begins to break apart. I have tried using different unit sizes between metric and imperial. An easy way to see this in action is to simply create a cube and a sphere, parent them together and send the result way off to the X axis to about 10,000 mi. You will see what I mean instantly. Why does this happen? Has anyone else been crazy enough to try this? :spin:

One doesn’t. You will run into horrible precision issues the farther you get away from the scene center.

Just think of it as this: Say, you have 6 digits to describe the position along one axis. The more digits you use on the left side of the decimal point, the less you have for the right side: You can use those 6 digits for a value of 1.23456 or 123456, with the former (obviously) being much more precise than the latter.

render two different scenes then composite them together.