Master and servent

hi all im entering a competition on and i need inspiration

i want to use cars as the main feature in it but whats a cool sceen idear for
master servant cars?

hey hey,

you probably couldn’t do that though becuase it’s from Pixar, it could be used as looking for techniques for putting life into cars.

yeah thanks heaps but for no apearent reason i thought of a cool idear

that has nothing todo with cars youno those fish you see when theres a big fish and lots of little fish cleaning it im guna do that

You may want to keep in mind that one of the requirments for the contest was that one character, either the master or the servant, must be a human as the key behind the contest is the emotional relationship between the two.

oh yeah i forgot
thanks for reminding me
i would have looked very foolish
well i suppose back to plan one

You could do a man leaning against his car with his eyes closed and gently waxing it with a cloth in hand. If you still want to go the car direction.

I think you should stick with the idea of a symbiotic relationship, but using humans instead of fish of course. I liked that idea; I think that examining the master/servant relationship of a symbiotic connection could be very interesting. Perhaps one member of the relationship is sure that he is the master when it is clear that he is ruled by his dependence on the other party involved. Or maybe you could explore the idea of one member of the relationship trying to master the other and only destroying the symbiotic nature that he thrived on, showing that neither member of the connection was the master but they were in fact both servants of the connection itself.

I think you could do a lot with that idea.

um english please sry im only 14

Basically, I think hes saying with his first idea:

Think of a king, perhaps Louis XVI. He thought he was the greatest guy in the world, and that he was the reason for France being what it was. In fact, the Third Estate (Lowest group, comprised up about 98% of population) made France what it was. This, in short, is what lead to the French Revolution. Basically, you think your the best, but its only the other people who support you who make you the best.

With his second idea:

I think Alistair means something to the effect of a symbiotic relationship where it begins as a perfectly level, equal relationship, but then as in many cases, one side becomes too powerful or greedy, and seeks to overpower or conquer the other side. So, when they do conquer the other side, they realize the grass is not greener, and they have only caused pain and death to themselves. Take for example our clearcutting of the rainforest. We need the rainforest for oxygen, but we need the land for space. Eventually, we will screw ourselves in some fashion by doing this.

Alistair: I hope these are accurate interpretations of what you said, if not, you fix it.

As for some ideas I can think of:

Human and a food, Human and a forest, human and a mountain (just blurting out ideas)

Good Luck

thanks heaps what do you thinks of this idear a man chocking to death in a tracktor after he cuts the last tree down

The concept of the man choking to death is somewhat ironic, being that he dies shortly after killing the last tree, but this has no “symbiotic” connection. In a symbiotic relationship, the parasite typically helps the host in someway and vice versa. Trees make fresh air for us and we kill them for wood, but we dont help them. There is virtually no master/servant relationship either.

Looks like you’ll have to put that thinking cap back on!

Perhaps its an abusive relationship to start off with (as it really is). It just escalates, coming from slightly off balance to completely flipped over. Perhaps having the last tree being cut being severely scarred could show this idea, though it would not be completely symbiotic.

Spot on, MusicMan, I don’t think I could have explained what I meant better.

As for the Man and Nature idea I think that there can definitely be an interesting relationship to explore there (it could be argued whether or not it is symbiotic, but none the less it is interesting). That of the abusive or negligent master that takes the servant for granted and only when the servant is gone realizes the true nature of the relationship.